Effective long-term pain management, rehabilitation and wellness Testimonials


Very Caring
Date: Dec. 4, 2013
From: Liz, current patient
I wanted to take the time to comment on Dr. James Morris. It seems that most people only give reviews when they are dissatisfied with something, but for me it is just the opposite. Therefore I want to share my thoughts with others. I think Dr. Morris is a wonderful pain management physician in Eugene, who has been my doctor for almost 10 years. Before I started seeing Dr. Morris, I was in daily pain and could hardly get out of bed. I thought that since I suffer chronic pain from chronic conditions, I would just have to live this way. But with help from Dr. Morris, this is not the case. Dr. Morris is very knowledgeable in pain management and is constantly keeping up with the most current treatments and therapies. He makes sure that you have the right tools to deal with your pain, and that you have the best care possible. For me, trigger point injections have been very helpful. Also, careful use of medication, exercise and self-care are the key to keeping my pain at a tolerable level. I find Dr. Morris, his nurse practitioner, Carolyn Buel and the entire staff very caring. They all go the extra mile to make sure that I am doing well. I would highly recommend Dr. Morris to anyone who has chronic pain and wants a better quality of life.
Empowering Experience
I was diagnosed with migraines at age 5. Imagine waking up every day with a headache not knowing if it would turn into a migraine and take another day. I lost many play days and school days. I lost many celebrations with friends and family. As an adult, I lost many workdays and my two boys missed many school days because I couldn’t drive.

55 years later, my dear Physical Therapist, Leigh Ann Turner from Axis Physical Therapy, referred me to Dr. James Morris, a pain management specialist, focusing on a noninvasive, multidisciplinary support for pain management. After a 90-minute consult, he laid out a game plan for me. I don't like narcotics. I react badly to them. Instead, we tried non-narcotic prescriptions, biofeedback therapy, specific stretching, cold laser and ultra-sound therapy. We later added an Empi Tens unit, Alpha Stem Therapy, Trigger Point Injections to release muscle tension and occipital nerve blocks. I attended sessions with Terri Lechnyr, M.S.W., LCSW, Ph.D and purchased the "Wild Divine" bio feedback program for my home computer. Slowly, my shoulders dropped down from my ears. Three months after my first visit with Dr. James Morris, I woke up and I realized something was very different, I had no headache!

It has been four years and I have had only one relapse, when my medication went generic. We changed back to the branded prescription and now all is well once again. It empowers me to realize I can control the triggers that contribute to my headaches and be able to relieve my pain without narcotic drugs. It is a big commitment to address the reasons for the pain and resolve them one by one. I hope my testimonial will encourage others to make this journey of empowerment.
Excellent and Compassionate Care
Dear Dr. Morris,

I am writing, first, to thank you for the excellent and compassionate care you have provided me over the last eighteen months. When I first entered your office, I was so fearful of living in pain or being a zombie that I was near desperation. Your kind and confident manner was very helpful and soothing. I am more grateful for your compassion and trust than I can express.

Your holistic approach to pain control including physical therapy and behavior health gave me an understanding of the cause of my pain and many tools and self help exercises I could use at home. You encouraged me to try modalities I might not have considered otherwise. I have found that combined with home exercises, stretches and triggerpoint management, a combination of physical therapy and Rolfing works best for me.

Your staff is top notch and I have always been treated with consideration and kindness. I will miss you all, especially Sharon Jones, ANP who worked so hard to meet my expectation for pain relief without sedation. Sharon is also expert at trigger point injection, she gets them every time!

I have improved very much under your care, but I don’t think there is anything more you can do for me. As you know, I live in Corvallis and the drive to Eugene has always been somewhat of a hardship. With gratitude and respect, I have decided to end our Doctor/patient relationship. My primary care physician, Dr. Ulrike Gumpel, has agreed to continue with our treatment plan to reduce opioid doses and maintain my comfort. From this time forward, she will be writing for all opioids so, obviously, these changes void our agreement regarding these medications. Dr. Gumpel and I will be making a new agreement to be provided to pharmacy services.
Forever Friends
Dear Dr. Morris and “Crew,”

This letter is long overdue. I want to sincerely thank all of you (Dr. Morris, Anne and Kate and anyone whose name has slipped my aging mind) for being instrumental in controlling my pain. It no longer controls my life and for several years the pain did just that. You all have given me the tools to live my life as it should be lived, not ruled by the pain I have. I am so grateful to have met all of you. You are an inspiration and I really respect every one of you.

Dr. Morris, what can I say to you? I met you shortly after my Mother had passed away and not only was I dealing with pain, but my unstable emotions as well. It was a comfort in more ways than one to have an appointment with you. I think the biggest thing that I learned from you was getting my spirituality in check. I live a good life now and on a daily basis I like to share that good life with others. I don’t think that I would be where I am today without your guidance. You never once judged me and you showed me a different way to live. As a pain specialist you are great, but as a human being you are even greater.

It’s funny but my last appointment with you was after my Father passed away. My emotions were unstable once again, but in a much different way. Maybe you can recall that appointment. You, once again, pointed me in the right direction and I left your office feeling much better than when my Mom died. I have made improvements in my life and I owe it all to you.

I hope not to see you again, at least not in a professional way. I really think I am going to be o.k. with my pain and my emotions. I just know that my life is much richer having met you (and your staff). Take care and keep passing on what you taught me. People will listen to you. You just have a way of making us listen. I listened to you and look at me!

I wanted to give you something for all your help, and to tell you the truth it was much easier to find something than I thought it would be. I donate regularly to The Arbor Day Foundation and I am pretty sure that you will be pleased having a tree planted in your name. Someday you may make it to Yellowstone and see all the new trees that are planted and know that one of those is yours and it was planted by someone who really cared for you.