Effective long-term pain management, rehabilitation and wellness Support Staff

<h1>Support Staff</h1>

Support Staff

Trina Thomas manages our Business Office. Please call our main office number at 541-344-8469. She will answer your questions concerning payment and help with the billing process. Our office participates with most insurance carriers. She is also our Privacy Officer.

Our receptionists, at our main office phone line at 541-344-8469, are here to help you. They perform critical functions in welcoming you, scheduling appointments, obtaining referrals, and maintaining your medical record. They work hard to create a positive experience for you. They ensure our office follows insurance and governmental regulations. They will ask you if your demographics or personal information is current. You will be asked for your insurance card to photocopy. If you have questions regarding your account or wish to speak to another staff person, our front office personnel will help you.

Our Medical Office Specialist makes sure all calls concerning medication requests are directed appropriately. Our pharmacy line is 541-393-0061. It is important when leaving a message on our pharmacy line that you leave your name, date of birth and a phone number where you can be reached. The Medical Office Specialist is in charge of all correspondence coming into and out of our office.