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Frank Hillman, PA, joins PMP
PMP welcomes Frank Hillman, PA, to its team of providers. Frank was previously with Pain Consultants of...
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Dr. Haber joins PMP
Pain Management Partners welcomes Dr. M. Joshua Haber to its practice.  Dr. Haber was previously with Pain Consultants of Oregon...
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PMP Policy on Medical Marijuana
James R. Morris, M.D. - Aug. 4, 2016
By James R. Morris, M.D. At Pain Management Partners, we welcome our patients' questions about...
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Affordable Care Act and You
James R. Morris, MD - August 2016
Q: How does the Affordable Care Act affect the treatment of pain? A: Thousands of individuals, who previously...
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New Federal Guidelines for Opiod Prescribing: Does This Affect You?
By James R. Morris, M.D. There is quite a bit in the news lately about changes to federal guidelines...
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M. Joshua Haber, MD - August 2017
By James R. Morris Q: Can I use medical marijuana in addition to prescribed pain medications? A: Under most...
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The 5 Most Misunderstood Terms in Pain Management
Jennifer P. Schneider, M.D., Ph.D. - April 2017
A pain expert offers perspective on several common terms that are widely used by pain practitioners but often are...
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Trigger Point Stretches
Erin Mary Gray - July 2015
Pain Management Partners offers trigger point injections on Friday afternoons. The quick, 15-minute appointments are with nurse practitioner Carolyn...
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It's midnight and my Migraine Headache just won't go away!
Virginia Scoggins - April 2010
Not everything will work for everyone, but it is important to experiment to find out what will work for...
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Warm the Bones
Virginia Scoggins - January 2011
Staying healthy challenges all of us, especially in the cold weather. For those of us with chronic pain, it...
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