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M. Joshua Haber, MD
August 2017

By James R. Morris

Q: Can I use medical marijuana in addition to prescribed pain medications?

A: Under most circumstances, this is not recommended. At the very least, impairment is likely one must not drive, operate machinery, or engage in dangerous activities (such as parenting!) while impaired. Interactions with other medications can occur. Accidental overdose, respiratory depression, coma and death are more common when narcotic pain medicines are combined with other substances like marijuana. And the legalities of marijuana use complicate prescription of controlled substances by your doctor. Be sure you disclose your marijuana use to your doctor before taking any prescribed pain medicines. 

By M. Joshua Haber, M.D.

Q: What are two types of Prolotherapy to help reduce pain?

A: Both Musculoskeletal and Neural Prolotherapy treatments promote healing and result in pain relief and functional restoration, but each uses different concentrations of pharmaceutical dextrose as well as different techniques for injections. Musculoskeletal Prolotherapy is the injection of dextrose solution (12-20%) at the attachment of injured tendon, joint capsule or ligament to bone, to induce the body's natural healing process to strengthen soft tissue connections to facilitate improved function and reduced pain. Neural Prolotherapy uses dextrose (5%) injected just below the skin to promote healing of injured nerves.