Pain Management Resources Hospital Emergency Visit

Prepare for an Emergency Hospital Visit

If for any reason you must go to the emergency room, a bit of preparation is useful. By coming prepared, the process will go more smoothly. Crisis situations make it difficult to think clearly, so prepare ahead of time.

Bring with you:

Your insurance card

The name and contact information for your regular physician.

Your pain diagnosis, if you have one, and any other conditions you have been diagnosed with, such as diabetes or a heart condition.

A written list of all your current medications, who prescribed each, your current dosage, and how often you take them. Be sure to include prescription medications, over the counter medications, vitamins and herbal supplements.


A list of any devices or other types of interventions you now use, such as a pump, nerve block, or stimulator.

A written list of any medications that you don't tolerate well or have had an adverse reaction to in the past.

A written list of your allergies.

Copy of Advance Directive, Living Will, POLST (Physician's Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment)

Copy of Power of Attorney document, specifically for Health Care Decision-making.

If at all possible do not drive yourself.

When you return home, please inform your primary care physician and/or specialty physician (e.g. pain specialist) of your emergency visit and whether any medications or treatments were prescribed.