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Serving Lane County, we offer multifaceted pain management, quality service and in-depth knowledge. Pain Management Partners, LLC in Eugene, Oregon specializes in non-surgical medical treatment of intractable pain. Our nationally recognized medical practitioners emphasize comprehensive care with a multidisciplinary perspective. We offer thorough evaluation, treatment recommendations, coordination of care, and alternative approaches when usual options fail.

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Patients of Pain Consultants Information

Dear Patients of Pain Consultants:

Pain Management Partners, LLC, is now accepting some patients of Pain Consultants of Oregon. To find out if you qualify, please call our clinic at 541-344-8469. Our phone lines may be busy, but try again until you reach us. 

Here are some things you can do right now:

1. Request a copy of your records from Pain Consultants of Oregon. Complete this authorization form : (click here) release-of-information_2016.pdf. You must complete this form in order to release your medical records to our clinic and have them sent to us. We will need one year of medical records from all clinics, including labs, x-rays and urine drug tests.

2. Pain Management Partners will help in accommodating patients who contact us. When you call, please provide your name, birth date, phone number and insurance. We do not accept United Health Care. You must also fill out a PMP request of information form: (click here) PMP-request-of-information.pdf. Please drop this form off at our office at Willamette Medical Center, 2401 River Road, Eugene, Monday-Thursday between 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Our phone number is 541-344-8469.

 3. Pain Management Partners is a non-surgical clinic and we do not provide pain pump replacement or spinal cord stimulator transplants. PMP does administer epidural steroid injections.

4. If you need to have prescriptions filled, contact your primary care physician immediately to inform them of your prescription needs.

5. To help you through the transition of finding a new pain management provider, we recommend patients take a free six-week chronic pain workshop called Living Well with Chronic Pain. The workshop teaches self-care techniques that are invaluable in managing pain. Call 541-682-4103 to sign up. Everyone is welcome, including caregivers and family. Workshops are held at various days and times throughout the year. 

Shared Medical Visits Open for 2017

At Pain Management Partners, Shared Medical Visits (SMV) are a unique opportunity to engage in a follow-up appointment with your medical provider in a small group setting that will allow you to acquire additional skills important to your pain management. During this 2.5-hour visit with your medical provider, you will engage with others who share a path towards wellness and pain management, increase your quality of life, and explore alternatives for pain control. Please sign up for at least two Shared Medical Visits of your choice over the next year. Review the schedule below to see which topics are of interest to you. Presently, these SMVs are scheduled every third Thursday of the month. For information, call 541-344-8469 to find out more and to schedule.

2017 Shared Medical Visit Schedule

(Third Thursday of each month from 1:15 – 4 p.m.)

  • July 20 Featuring Neuroplastity: Dr. Scott Pengelly and Carolyn Buel, ANP
  • August 17 Featuring Nutrition and Inflamation: Karla Austin, FNP
  • September 21 Featuring Physical Therapy: Self Care with Leigh Ann Turner, LPTA
  • October 12 Featuring Sleep Hygiene: Carolyn Buel, NP
  • November 16 Featuring What is pain? Or Pain 101: Dr. Jim Morris
  • December 21 Featuring Chiropractor: Anthony Cutting, DC

PMP Statement of Philosophy 

Pain Management Partners, LLC, strives to provide excellent medical care in a friendly and supportive environment. Our goal is to achieve maximal improvement in medical, emotional and spiritual health for our patients. Our practice addresses symptoms of chronic conditions using an integrated, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary care model. The basis of this model is the individual patient.

Studies show that passive treatment models rarely succeed when active effort is not applied. Patients must be actively involved in their own care, if not more so than their healthcare providers. Success is not measured solely by symptom improvement. Treatment success depends heavily on objective functional gains including quality-of-life measures.

Patient effort, as measured by participation and responsible choice, is the key to achieving self-management skills and pain symptom control. We can show the way, but only the patient can provide the motivation and perform the work.

PMP Code of Ethics and Business Practices

Pain Management Partners, LLC, is committed to marketplace ethics and meets the Better Business Bureau's Code of Business Practices. Pain Management Partners, LLC, maintains honest and reliable business practices. We make a pledge to be transparent, be responsive to customers, advertise honestly, honor promises and act with integrity. 

Pain Management Partners LLC BBB Business Review

Feature Article: Free Chronic Pain Workshop starts Aug. 7

Living Well with Chronic Pain, a free six-week workshop, starts Monday, Aug. 7 and runs through Sept. 18, at Willamette Medical Center, 2401 River Road. No class will be held on Labor Day. Class is from 1-3:30 p.m. in the Community Room. Learn about the chronic pain cycle and the tools to break the cycle, so you can live the best life you can. The workshop helps people who are experiencing chronic pain conditions due to injury, surgery, fibromyalgia, back pain, migraine headaches, repetitive strain, post stroke pain, neuropathic pain and other causes. This workshop is also for family members and caregivers who take care of people with chronic pain. The interactive workshop provides a resource book, exercise CD and relaxation CD. Other Living Well workshops include Diabetes and Chronic Conditions. To register, call the Living Well Program at (541) 682-4103. Class size is limited, so sign up today!

The Living Well workshops are Stanford University-licensed programs administered through the Lane Council of Government's (LCOG) Senior and Disabled Services program. Click to view The Living Well Brochure.

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Feature Article: Pain Prescriptions

Q: Why is it so difficult to get prescriptions for pain medicine?

A: Most people with chronic pain take their pain medicine only as prescribed. But the country’s "opioid epidemic" shows little sign of slowing. A high number of accidental overdoses occur daily, even when taken exactly as prescribed. Regulatory agencies, like the CDC, have issued guidelines calling for caution when prescribing opioids. Due to concerns for your safety, health care providers may suggest lower doses of opioids, alternative pain treatments, other analgesics, and advise against combining opioids with tranquilizers, sleeping pills, alcohol, cannabis/marijuana or other sedatives. At Pain Management Partners, we offer multidisciplinary options and effective alternatives for pain care.

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Feature Article: Trigger Point Clinics on Thursdays and Fridays

Thursday and Friday afternoons, Pain Management Partners providers patients with trigger point injections. The quick, 15-minute injection appointment includes all types of injections. Nurse practitioners Carolyn Buel and Karla Austin provide patients with a convenient and effective way to provide pain management. Schedule your appointment by calling our office at 541-344-8469.

Read the personal experience of Karla Austin's patient: Kim's Story

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Feature Article: Trigger Point Stretches

Trigger points are small areas of tightly knotted muscle and connective tissue that cause localized and referred pain. By injecting anesthetic medicine into these points, the muscle can relax so patients can gently stretch the tissue back to normal length, bringing lasting pain relief. Trigger points are known to cause or contribute to headaches, neck and jaw pain, low back pain, symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow, and many kinds of joint pain, mistakenly ascribed to arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis or ligament injury. Trigger point injections are an effective treatment modality for inactivating trigger points and providing prompt relief of symptoms from myofascial pain syndrome. 

View trigger point exercises for:
These exercises can be done several times a day in conjunction with your treatment plan.

Presentation and photos by Erin Mary Gray, Osteopathic Medical Student. 4th Year, Western University of Health Sciences COMP-NW, PMPproject, July 2015.

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